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My (Re) Introduction to the Community

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Dear Reader,

Welcome to One Cause At A Time….when the blog started several years ago, our focus was on the impact of technology on nonprofits, community organizations, and social enterprises in Chicago. However, we’ve evolved into a more abstract exploration of various issues as they impact on the community.

My name is Gordon Dymowski, and my professional background includes working with nonprofits in Chicago and St. Louis. I’m also a freelance writer (with a focus on popular culture) and online marketing consultant, and I’ve also had a great love of community work. There’s something about people collaborating and building relationships that have a strong, profound emotional appeal for me).

But to be honest, personal matters (including parental health issues) have taken me away from the blog…in fact, I’ve been away from the blog since March 11th. Long story short, I had to move, I’m always looking for work, and quite honestly….this has given me a great perspective on why I write this blog….and why I’m recommitting to posting weekly.

Part of it was my own experience – being a client of social services after so long as a provider/worker has given me a better understanding of the importance of community. I’ve learned that in my own social circles, I have many people who were willing to help me through a tough time…and who really helped me experience the power of community.

Especially now, when we experience chaos and confusion on a daily basis. Right now, I would offer that having that sense of community and belonging is more important than ever given recent events. It’s also important that voices that don’t get heard, and that more grassroots-based community building efforts get the visibility and attention they deserve.

If you’ve e-mailed me in the past two months and I haven’t responded, please drop me another line via this online form and I promise a prompt response. (If you wish to contact me privately, use that form as well).  If you have comments or want to suggest organizations that are worth engaging (one of this blog’s semi-regular features is “Meet Your Neighbor”), either mention them in the comments below or join the conversation on our Facebook page. (Yes, comments are moderated).

Again, thanks for visiting. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next, and I’m glad you stopped by to read.







Written by gordondym

May 25, 2017 at 6:44 pm